Multiple Sclerosis

Your personal experience could help shape future medical research.

Clinical research is an important step in the development of new medicines.
New medicines are essential for medical conditions for which few treatments are available, or breakthrough medicines are being tested. This is the case with Multiple Sclerosis.

How you can help researchers gain insight into your experience.

You can help by participating in a brief survey. This survey is specifically intended for those living with relapsing forms of Multiple Sclerosis (Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis – [RRMS] and Relapsing Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis [SPMS]). If you have RRMS or Relapsing SPMS, or know someone who does, we invite you to take this survey and⁄or invite the person you know living with MS to take part. Taking part in this survey is voluntary, and will guide medical researchers in the design of an upcoming clinical trial for MS. The survey will take up to approximately 20 minutes to complete.

How will the results be used?

The results from this survey will be analyzed and shared with the clinical research team. We will also share highlights from this survey with those who share their insights. The more medical researchers can learn from people living with RRMS or Relapsing SPMS, the more precise the research can become.

We thank you for your support and assistance as we strive to develop new and better medicines for Multiple Sclerosis.